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Larrikin Entertainment announces $50million Film Finance Fund

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 3:11 PM | Anonymous
Harvey Weinstein, Catalina Capital, Larrikin Entertainment, Australian film, Greg Coote
Press Release: Los Angeles, November 18th, 2013.

Larrikin Entertainment, the media production company founded last year by former Dune Entertainment Chairman Greg Coote and private equity executive David Calvert-Jones, today announced the formation of Catalina Capital, its $50million Film Finance Fund. 

The Weinstein Company is enjoining and assuming a first look position, with Harvey Weinstein taking a seat on the fund’s greenlight committee, providing Catalina with a first look option on domestic distribution and international sales. 

The fund’s first project has been identified and is currently in development. An announcement confirming the project is forthcoming. 

The Fund will be a financier to both studio and independent product intended for worldwide audiences. Former Silicon Valley Banker and well known venture capital expert Larry Lopez will lead the company’s finance division and be responsible for raising the capital with bases in California’s Silicon Valley and the center of Australia’s vast mining industry in Perth, Western Australia. 

Larrikin’s Greg Coote commented: 
“There is a need in the marketplace for a well-informed, independent fund. With the tremendous expertise that the Weinstein Company brings to the table, I predict a bright and profitable future for the Catalina Capital Fund.”

Larrikin’s David Calvert Jones continued:
“Having Harvey Weinstein on Catalina Capital’s greenlight committee, along with the power and weight of the Weinstein Company, immediately allows the fund to jumpstart its portfolio of films in a positive direction for all investors.” 

TWC’s Harvey Weinstein said: 
“Having known Greg for nearly 30 years, I’m pleased to provide the Catalina Capital Fund with access to the Weinstein Company’s worldwide leadership in the film business, along with my personal expertise in reviewing the projects that are analyzed by its greenlight committee.”

Larrikin Entertainment is a media company based in Los Angeles, producing and financing theatrical motion pictures, television and digital entertainment content. The company is headed by former Dune Chairman Greg Coote and private equity executive David Calvert-Jones. 

Larrikin Entertainment is currently engaged in the formation of two investment funds including the recently announced Catalina Capital Fund. The Larrikin team is committed to creating quality content for a worldwide audience and is currently producing a diverse slate of content across all genres.

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