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Mad Max with an American accent has Aussies mad as a cut snake

Saturday, June 22, 2013 4:29 PM | Anonymous

According to Stephen Farrelly from, the upcoming Mad Max game that compliments the release of George Miller's movie "Fury Road" will be voiced by an American.

Farrelly voiced his disapproval to the dame developer, Avalanche Studios, but he was told "We're trying to create our own version".

Dismayed, Farrelly said, "But Max is such an iconic Australian character, it's wrong to do that... And they've recreated that iconic Australian car, the XB Ford Falcon Interceptor, even down to it being right-hand drive, so why change the character?" 

Upset, Farrelly launched a petition on It has garnered 2500 signatures at the time of writing. 


The petition is calling for Avalanche Studios to "Hire an Australian actor to portray Max in the Mad Max videogame". 

With Brit Tom Hardy playing the lead, and the film relocating to from NSW's Broken Hill to Namibia due to heavy rainfall, Avalanche's decision to have Max Rockatansky speak with an American accent seems like another blow to the Australian-ness of the film.

See the petition below (and click here to view/ sign)



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