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Storm Surfers released in Los Angeles 19 July

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 10:03 AM | Anonymous

XLrator Media is releasing STORM SURFERS 3D in LOS ANGELES on July 19 at the Chinese 6, 6925 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 ‎.

Chinese 6 Tickets:

The film is also screening Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21 at the Aero Theatre1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Aero Theater Tickets

Additional California cities dates below.

Newport Beach, CA - July 19 at the Lido
Palm Desert, CA - July 19 at the Palm D'Or
San Diego, CA - July 26 at the Gaslamp Cinemas


Meet Surfing Legends Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones on Saturday, July 20 at 7pm

The film stars two time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and big wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones and directed by Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius.  The film is narrated by Toni Collette with appearances by pro-surfers Kelly Slater, Mark Matthews and Paul Morgan.


SYNOPSIS:  Combining cutting-edge 3D technology and bravura filmmaking, STORM SURFERS 3D is the ultimate big-wave thrill ride. The film follows best friends and surfing legends Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, along with surf forecaster Ben Matson, as they track and chase giant storms in their quest to ride the Pacific’s biggest and most dangerous waves.  Using state-of-the-art miniature 3D cameras that put audiences inside the barrel of the waves, STORM SURFERS 3D is a visually stunning cinematic adventure unlike any other


Tom Carroll: Two-time world surfing champion (1984 and 85) Tom Carroll was the poster-boy of surfing in the 1980s. He risked his third championship by boycotting the South Africa leg of the world tour in protest against Apartheid – elevating him from star athlete to Australian hero.  He is now 51 years old and still searches for the biggest waves to surf around the world. 

Ross Clarke-Jones: At 44, Ross Clarke-Jones is the greatest big wave surfer Australia has produced. He has tamed 80-90ft waves on the biggest day ever surfed, ridden a tidal surge up the piranha-infested Amazon River and is the sole Australian invitee to the legendary Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau competition held at Hawaii’s Waimea Bay (and, in 2001, the first ever non-Hawaiian to win it).

Co-directors Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan first teamed-up in 2005 to shoot The Sixth Element, a biopic about Ross Clarke-Jones. The trio became firm friends, drawn together by their mutual passion for surfing, adventure and communicating to a broad audience the extraordinary feats of daring necessary to ride big waves.
Winner, Best Surf Film, 2013 Australian Surfing Awards
Winner, Best Documentary – 2012 International 3D Society
Winner, Best Feature Documentary – AATCA
First Runner-Up, Best Documentary, 2012 Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2012 San Sebastian Film Festival

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